First off, our thoughts go out to the folks here in Louisiana, Texas and anywhere else that has been or will be impacted by hurricanes Marco and Laura. We were here during Katrina and helped to rebuild afterwards, and that destruction and devastation is something we wouldn't wish on anyone.

During hurricane season, a question that comes up quite a bit is "will my website be safe if a storm hits New Orleans (or surrounding areas)?", and the short answer is yes, it will be perfectly fine. Being headquartered in a city famous for its flooding and shaky infrastructure, we get a lot of looks when we tell people we run a hosting company here, but interestingly enough that's exactly why we think people and businesses in this region need a company like NOLA*Host.

The servers that host our customers' websites are located in datacenters all around the world, all of which are connected. Even if an entire datacenter were to go down (which is unheard of), we have redundancies and protections in place that would ensure the continued accessibility and operation of all of the websites and servers that we operate. The bottom line is that our 99.9% uptime guarantee applies all year round, even during hurricane season.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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