The past couple of weeks I have had conversations with a handful of potential clients, all about the same thing - email delivery (or lack thereof). It seems like as the amount of spam we all get on a daily basis continues to increase, the controls in place to prevent it from landing in the inbox are getting tighter and tighter. The end result of this is that more and more legitimate emails are getting caught in the crossfire and either delivered to spam folders, quarantined on mail servers or sometimes not even making it that far.

If you're running any sort of modern business, email is probably pretty critical to its success, so what are you supposed to do if the emails you send out are being delayed for hours, or even worse, not delivered at all? Unless you want to send your business email from a,, etc. email address, your free options are fairly limited. Most hosting companies (like Nolahost) offer email addresses with some or all of their plans, of course you have to pay for those, but if you have a website you are probably doing that already. Hosting companies that run their own mail servers vary substantially when it comes to mail deliverability, the main reason being that doing so successfully requires a proactive approach and a lot of legwork. There are endless blacklists to monitor and request removal from, endless whitelists to try and get added to and one user with a weak password can end up with a compromised account that causes all sorts of headaches for all of the users on the server. For the providers that are able to navigate this email server minefield, delivery rates can be as high as 90-95%, but what do you do when that's not good enough, or if your hosting provider isn't up to snuff? Well, then it's time for a dedicated email solution from a big player in the industry.

Dedicated email solutions are exactly what they sound like, you generally don't get them for free along with another purchase, you pay per email mailbox and that's exactly what you get. Two of the biggest players in the industry are Google and Microsoft (is anyone surprised?), with G Suite and 365 respectively. Either one will set you back anywhere from around $5/month on up for each email address that you are looking to manage, but in exchange for your hard earned money you will enjoy 99%+ deliverability of your emails. We're going to conveniently ignore the fact that the folks responsible for preventing your legitimate emails from being delivered in the first place are the same ones charging you to make sure said emails do get delivered (maybe another day), but this is by far the best option if your business is having trouble with slow email delivery, sent emails landing in quarantine or spam, or not being delivered at all.

Nolahost offers free email addresses along with all of our hosting plans, and we are also an authorized reseller of both Google G Suite and Microsoft 365. Contact us today to see how we can help you to get your email under control!


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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